What if I provide an incorrect shipping address by mistake?

When a Planet Mars package is not delivered and returned due to an error made by the customer in submitting shipping address, We will reship the package with corrected address and charge an additional (USPS Live Priority Rates) shipping fee for the shipment. If the package is delivered to the incorrect address we will not provide replacement product.

Can I cancel my Planet Mars order once placed?

No, as all our orders are processed in real time with the owner’s name printed on the deed. As this is done with no human interaction and this goes directly to our logistics team. Most all packages are completed and ready to be shipped within minutes of your order being placed.

What if my Planet Mars package arrives later than expected?

Buy Planet Mars is not responsible for 3rd party shipping errors, omissions, misrouted, delayed or damaged shipments.

We’re also not responsible for lost or stolen packages as well as packages left outside and weather conditions. If we have a delivery confirmation to the correct address the order will be considered completed.

What if my Planet Mars package arrived damaged?

Please send pictures to our support staff and they will open a claims ticket for you to replace or refund the Planet Mars damaged items.

My credit card transaction keeps failing?

If your credit card continues to fail its because something is not matching your bank account. This can be an easy fix to make sure the address matches the same address format that is on your bank statement. Also double check there are no extra spaces before or after each entry when purchasing Land On Planet mars.

Who buys Planet Mars land?

Everyone purchases Planet Mars land, as it the most out of this world gift on planet Earth.

What will my Planet Mars package contain?

You will receive a Planet Mars Deed and a Planet Mars Map with the owner’s name printed on the deed.

What is Buy Planet Mars all about?

Buy Planet Mars is the largest Planet Mars real estate company in the world. We might not be the oldest, but we have distributed more acres of land on Planet Mars then all competitors’ companies combined.

How do I order multiple Planet Mars packages?

Once you have entered the owner’s name and click Add to cart button, you can update the name and click the Add to cart button for adding the additional mars deeds.

When do I enter the Owner’s name to be printed on the Mars deed?

There is a name box on each Planet Mars product page before checking out.

How do I purchase Planet Mars products on this page?

There are 2 ways to buy Planet Mars packages :

1. USPS Post Mailed Planet Mars land– All BuyPlanetMars.org packages are processed in real time and most are shipped the same day. Click the Planet Mars Land above to start shopping.

2. PDF Email Download Planet Mars land – Click here to be transferred to BuyPlanetMars.com where all these packages will be emailed and printed at the convenience of your home. Once on the PDF download website click the BUY NOW to purchase a voucher code. Then follow the steps to redeem.

I am having difficulties buying Planet Mars land

Click the Planet Mars Land tab in the menu above, select a product, add the owners name then click the Add to cart button. Click the Checkout button that just appeared, fill in your address, payment, agree to terms, then click the Place Order button.

How will my Planet Mars land be sent?

All mars packages on this website are mailed either USPS Priority or Express mail worldwide.

When will I receive my Planet Mars package?

Buy Planet Mars will provide tracking for your Mars deed and map once shipped.

Where is my Planet Mars package?

You can track your Planet Mars package at www.USPS.com and entering the tracking number Buy Planet Mars provided.

I was expecting my Planet Mars land to be emailed in a PDF format.

This website ONLY ships mars packages with USPS. If you would like to receive a PDF download of your Mars land, please visit www.BuyPlanetMars.com website.

Is each Planet Mars lot number unique?

Yes. Buy Planet Mars only assigns one lot number per order!

Can I return my package?

Due that all our products are personalized with the owner’s name this makes our products to be considered “custom” in nature may not be returned and/or refunded for any reason.

Is this real?

This is Planet Mars Land a novel gift and for entertainment purposes only.