STEP – 1:

Get to know what voucher code you purchased


1. Purchase your voucher from Groupon.
2. Locate the voucher code (beginning with G) in the email sent to you by Groupon after purchasing.


a. ONLY codes beginning with a G are voucher codes. All other numbers are your order numbers, and they will NOT work!
b. If you’re unable to locate the code, please look in your Groupon account or contact Groupon customer service.

4. How to know if you purchased a PDF Email Download package or a USPS mailed package: (MATCH THE CODE BELOW)

Voucher code prefix will be the product identifier: (prefix)-(XXXXXXXXX)
Example: You purchased a 5 Acre Deed – voucher code: G05-123-ABCDEFG

PDF Email Packages:

– 1 Acre Deed = prefix GM5

USPS Mailed Packages:

– 5     Acre Deed = prefix G05   (Letter G, number 05)
– 10   Acre Deed = prefix M10   (Letter G, number 10)
– 20   Acre Deed = prefix M20   (Letter G, number 20)
– 50   Acre Deed = prefix M50   (Letter G, number 50)
– 100 Acre Deed = prefix M100 (Letter G, number 100)


STEP – 2:

Step by Step Instructions:


PDF Email Download

USPS Post Mailed